Body Protection

By: Paul Hanson Executive Staff

With the winter months coming on and, the possibility of bad weather, rain, wind and snow it is important to take the proper precautions and dress appropriately. In these months it is important to wear the proper clothing, which includes shoes, gloves and outerwear.

To insure avoid getting cold and dealing with the challenges of working both inside and outside try to keep the following in mind when choosing winter clothing.

  1. Apply clothing in layers so it can be easily removed while working indoors.
  2. Wear outerwear that is free of parts that will easily snag (strings, large pockets, baggy).
  3. Wear a breathable waterproof outer layer. This will help with overheating, which will make you cold as the day goes on and will keep you dry from wet weather.
When choosing footwear the best is a shoe that is comfortable for all day walking, yet will provide the support needed for carrying heavy loads. When working in cold or wet weather the best shoe is a mid cut, leather boot with a rubber sole and good traction. Tennis shoes do not offer adequate support, are not water proof and can become slippery when walking on wet surfaces. Also, make sure your boots are in good repair. Worn or torn soles are hazardous and can be easily and inexpensively repaired by a quality shoe repair shop.

Finally, in cold and wet weather you may find gloves are a good solution for both protecting your hands from the cold as well as scrapes and cuts. There are dozens of gloves that are currently on the market that offer increased grip, protection for the hands, and warmth. These gloves are inexpensive, and with the extensive variety many can find gloves that are comfortable for year round use.

Many times changes in clothing are overlooked as the weather changes. Some simple steps can make the winter much more enjoyable.

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