MOVERS CHOICE: “A Decade of A’s”

By Lisa R. Paul, CPCU
President, CEO
Paul Hanson Partners Specialty Insurance Solutions

Over the last 30 days, our country has gone through extreme financial turmoil. It is an important time to remind our customers that Mover’s Choice will continue its commitment to providing the most competitive insurance alternatives, with sound and safe insuring partners, to the moving industry. For over fifteen years, the Mover’s Choice programs have been underwritten and financially supported by insuring partners with an “A” rating by A.M. Best. We know, and will continue to recognize, the important role that an “A” rated insurance carrier plays in facilitating continued success in your industry. We are committed to maintaining this superior financial standard with all of the insurance companies that we elect to partner with now, as well as in the future.

Equally as important as partnering with a financially strong insurance company, are the program principles that are structured to follow, and effect, sound underwriting practices. Without the implementation of superior program standards, the MOVERS CHOICE programs would be unable to meet the profitability standards that our insuring partners require in order for us to deliver the broadest and most competitively priced products to our customers. Because our standards are so high, we have never partnered with an insuring company whose actions, and/or financial condition, would jeopardize your ability to continue your business operations, or restrict your business relationships due to an inability to meet contractual insurance requirements. Over the past decade, most of our competitors cannot make this claim. We will continue to leverage our soundly underwritten programs to work to your advantage while effecting competitive premiums with the most expansive coverage terms that are available in the marketplace.

As President/CEO, I want to assure you that MOVERS CHOICE will continue to provide a strong, “A” rated insurance programs to all of our customers. We are a sound, nimble and efficient organization. We have frequently proven that we can expedite and implement program changes when demands of the marketplace warrant it. We are always prepared to effect any changes that may be necessary to protect our clients. Most important, we have proven our ability to make required changes without disruption to your businesses.

At the heart of success for our moving customers, as well as the success of the programs that we deliver to those customers, is the sincere commitment I make to you, to provide, at any moment, the most competitive and viable insurance terms for our moving customers.

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