Allied Van Lines, North American Van Lines and Global Van Lines Approves Mover’s Choice Contractor Program

By Lisa R. Paul, CPCU
President, CEO
Paul Hanson Partners Specialty Insurance Solutions

Over the last two years our contractor program has continued to expand and grow. Recently we worked with Allied/North American/Global Risk Management to expand our program to include options for both interstate contractors in these van lines as well as local contractors for the Allied/North American/Global agent community. As many carriers have moved to either only workers’ compensation for the contractor and their employees or occupational accident and occupational compensation for helpers it has left the industry without a choice with one market providing multiple options. Additionally, there have been fewer alternatives for local contractors who require statutory workers’ compensation coverage. Mover’s Choice has launched this program for Allied/North American/Global that allows for three optional choices for the interstate contractor. Option 1 includes statutory WC on the contractor and his helpers, Option 2 allows the contractor to reject WC on himself and purchase occupational accident while still choosing workers’ compensation on the helpers and Option 3 allows the contractor to elect occupational accident on himself and his helpers.

Both Option 2 and 3 have coordinating Contingent Liability with Statutory WC limits to protect the motor carrier and the national van line. For interstate and intermediate contractors a flat monthly premium is available. A distinguishing characteristic of this program over the other insurance providers is that the contractor is allowed a choice between occupational accident and workers’ compensation, further strengthening the independent contractor status with the IRS and state regulatory agencies, in that this is a business that has made their own insurance decisions. Mover’s Choice is the ONLY program where Allied/North American and Global contractors have all three of these choices available to them. The program also has coverage available for passenger accident, non-trucking liability and auto physical damage.

For more information regarding this program: Mover’s Choice Independent Contractor Work Injury Program.